Meet the collaborative change log

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How does it work?

Communicating about change is hard so we're making it easier.

1. Connect an integration

We offer various integrations that you can install in order for us to be able to access your repositories.

2. Turn your repositories into a living changelog

You can turn any of your repositories into a living changelog to start tracking the changes that are made. We only look at pull request and tag data from your repositories.

3. Add a changelog to your pull request

Engineers include a changelog on every pull request that describes the changes made in a human-focused way.

We believe that changelogs benefit humans more than it does machine and for the reason we're only supporting the Keep a Changelog format.

4. Always up-to-date

Whenever a pull request is merged or a tag gets published we will retrieve the latests changelogs. This makes ChangeHub the most accurate place to look for the most accurate status.




Helping freelancers and hobby projects maintain a change log without any effort.

  • Allow using personal repositories from GitHub
  • Track changes in a single repository
  • Share-able change log for each project


19Per Month

Aimed at startups that are working on their first product.

  • Everything from Personal plan
  • Team management as part of an organization.
  • Track changes in public and private repositories
  • Access to multiple integrations