Communicating about change is hard.
We're making it easy

ChangeHub delivers information you need without interrupting developers. We make this happen by integrating directly with your codebase and turning your repository into a living changelog.

Developers and PMs love it

"It has helped us to improve communication across our teams. Thanks to ChangeHub, we can continue to release fast and still keep everyone up to date."

Software Engineer - Flexmail

"Because of ChangeHub I'm no longer chasing developers for status updates and can focus more on communicating with our customers"

Product Manager - Invox

Key benefits

Find the information you need without having to ask for it

Easily understand which changes impact customers the most

Discover the difference between what was supposed to be implemented and what was actually implemented

Share updates with the rest of your team in 2 click

Integrate with multiple version control providers*

Use ChangeHub with teams of 5 or more*

* Paid plans only

It's easy to get started

1. Connect your repository

GitHub? Bitbucket? We've got you covered. It's as easy as 3 clicks to connect your repository of choice.

2. Create pull requests

Next, keep doing what you do best! Ship pull requests formatted in Keep a Changelog format.

3. Always up-to-date

ChangeHub keeps track of the details for you and updates automatically based on merges and tags

How much will I save?

Time spent writing change logs by hand:

5 hours per month


30 per hour

3 hours or € 71 saved per month




  • Share-able change log
  • GitHub integration
  • Up to 3 tracked repositories


19 Per Month

  • Share-able change log
  • GitHub integration
  • Bitbucket Server integration
  • GitLab integration (beta)
  • Unlimited tracked repositories
  • Unlimited team members