Home to all your changelogs

What does Changehub do?

Changehub has 2 main features.

  1. Providing an overview of a repository's Github releases.
  2. Providing an aggregation of unreleased features through Github pull requests.

How does Changehub work?

Changehub parses changelogs following the keepachangelog format. To provide an overview of a project's releases we simply use the Github releases API.

To aggregate a changelog of unreleased features we parse a project's pull requests.

Are there plans to support other workflows?

We are actively working on supporting more than one workflow. However it is a hard task to cover all of them since every one works differently.

I don't feel comfortable with the permissions you are asking when connecting Github.

We understand your concern. Changehub however requires these permissions to access your tags and commit history, and doesn't allow more specific permission requests. We've asked them about that and they are looking into creating these. Should you have any further questions or doubt you can always contact us directly.

Are there plans to support services other than Github?

There certainly are, we decided to first support Github as it's the most used platform. If there is enough demand we will integrate with services such as Bitbucket and Gitlab.

Do you support Github Enterprise?

We don't, but if there is a demand for it we will look into it.

Any other questions, remarks or requests?

Let us know! directly.