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Addapp is developing an awesome product that provides users with useful health related insights using data from several health tracking apps like Moves, Human and Runkeeper.

Changehub was their answer for a simple way to manage and communicate release changes to all stakeholders in their company.

Their main product is an iOS application which is powered by an API and various worker applications for harvesting data and creating daily insights. Addapp's engineers work hard every day to implement new features and improving the current application.

Addapp makes use of the git-flow branching model when developing. When a new feature needs to be built or a bug needs to be fixed, a branch based on the develop branch is created. The developers commit a piece of code and create a pull request. In the pull request description they specify what was added, changed or fixed, following the keepachangelog format.

A pull request mentioning what was changed, includes a comment for more detail

Once the developer's code has been reviewed and the pull request is merged, the Changehub unreleased section is automatically updated with this change. Since they have a continuous deployment setup everyone knows which features needs testing before releasing the features to production

When a new release of new features and bug fixes is ready for production we use git-flow's release functionality. This will create a tag in our version control. Afterwards we create a release in Changehub to add our changelog in the unreleased section to our newly created tag. This will create a release on Github which will in turn synchronize back to Changehub.

When the new release is added, Changehub posts a message to the relevant Slack group, keeping the entire team up to date on the latest development changes.

Changehub has also proven handy when writing release notes for the App Store. Important changes in Addapp's insight generation process are then easily added. Having an aggregated overview has proven very valuable for Addapp.

Workflow at Addapp